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      AST INTERNATIONAL - Leading global provider of discount telecom services since 1997

Dial Around by Access Code Services

If you do not want to switch your service for any reason, this will be a perfect opportunity for you - long distance that does not require switching lines. By simply dialing a toll free access code, you can make long distance calls and save over 70%!
One account. Two Ways Calling!
NaloTel - No contracts. Great connections. The same rates 24/7. Call from your home or cell phone. Your relatives call you for FREE. Low rates from Romania to USA 3.9c/min. Call from USA to Romania 1.9c/min, Romania Mobile 8.9c/min. New Unlimited Calling Plan to Romania for $24.99 per month. 60 seconds rounding. Great customer service. Online account access with payment details. Special Bonus offer. Sign up today!.

American Phone Services

APS Dial Plan Call state-to-state for 4.9c/min. Call Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Spain  for 3.9c/min., Romania 2.9c/min., Romania-Mobile for 11.9c/min. No monthly fees. No monthly minimum. Call from your home or cellular phone. Fiber Optic Network. Bilingual Customer Service. Business & Residential. Sign up by phone, fax or mail. - High Quality, Lower Prices!

Dial-around service with no need to dial 10-10 numbers, 5.9 cents per minute Info Order
PowerDial 6.4 cents/min dial-around service with 6-second billing and 24-hour customer service... Info Order
Supports multiple users in different locations, built-in contact manager, cellphone solutions for international callers and more... Info Order


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