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Domestic and International Long Distance Services

American Phone Services

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   AST INTERNATIONAL - Global provider of discount products and services since 1997

AST INTERNATIONAL is an authorized representative of American Phone Services. APS was founded in 1997 by a group of international businessmen with multi-disciplinary backgrounds including telecommunications, computer programming, marketing and international business management. APS was funded with private capital and is fully financed, one of the few telecommunications companies that is still privately owned and 100% debt free.
APS is committed to provide long distance services at the lowest competitive prices, clearly stated, no confusing rate plans, no hidden costs, no fine print.
 Here’s just a few of the benefits APS offers:
 orball.gif (882 bytes) Long distance services for Business and Residential customers
 orball.gif (882 bytes) No prepayments, no connection fee
 orball.gif (882 bytes) No monthly fee, no hidden charges
 orball.gif (882 bytes) No key codes or dial access number to remember
 orball.gif (882 bytes) Call from your Home or Cellular phone with the same rates
 orball.gif (882 bytes) Voice quality constantly monitored
 orball.gif (882 bytes) Interstate (Out of State) Rate: 4.9 a min., except for: AR, MS, VT is 7.9
 orball.gif (882 bytes) Incoming and Outgoing TOLL-FREE Services for Business and Families
 orball.gif (882 bytes) Customer services speaking your language 
 orball.gif (882 bytes) Sign up by telephone, fax or mail for your long distance service
 orball.gif (882 bytes) Intrastate (In-State) Rate:
New Rate Plan for new customers:
2.9 - Romania, 11.9 Romania Mobil
 orball.gif (882 bytes) International "X" Rates Plan   orball.gif (882 bytes) Low CELL International "C" Rate Plan
 orball.gif (882 bytes) New dialing instructions to Romania
 orball.gif (882 bytes) Slamming - What to Do When Your Phone Service is Switched without Your Permission
Any questions please don't hesitate to call us: 425-226-7346

Please: Print, Complete and Sign the Application and Fax to: 1-801-881-2448

Dial Direct: Residential Sign up Form!

Dial Direct: Business Sign up Form!

Your monthly phone bill can be paid by check, money order, bank authorization, credit card.
Payment option: Bank Authorization Form

Credit Card Authorization Form

The APS long distance service is activated in 2 to 5 business days. Call:1-700-555-4141 to  check status of service. Your phone line must be unblocked to be transferred to APS.

AST INTERNATIONAL is an authorized representative for American Phone Services, Inc. The graphics, pictorial matter, and text of this site are protected by copyright law. Such marks, pictorial matter, and text may not be reproduced, in whole or in part.

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