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Calling Card Products and Services

Below you will find a list of the best calling card products in the world. Each and every calling card has demonstrated the ability to offer our customers a great rate as well as world-class customer service. Treat yourself to a better rate today!

Pre-Paid Calling Cards


Romanian English Talking Dictionary Electronic Pocket Translators.

Calls that terminate to a wireless receiver will be charged a higher rate. Calls originating or terminating by independent telephone companies will be charged a higher rate. All calls are billed in one (1) minute to three (3) minute increments. Cards are not renewable. The provider is not responsible for lost or stolen cards. This card has no cash value. Do not return to retailer for refund. Card expires in 90 days from the date of first use. AST INTERNATIONAL is not associated in any way with this calling card service, except as an independent distributor.

AST INTERNATIONAL charges a $30.00 fee for every Non Sufficient Funds check that is returned to us.

AST INTERNATIONAL guarantees that all the phone cards are free from defects in material, workmanship and pin numbers under normal use. This guarantee is limited to direct buyer of phone cards and is non-transferable.

The entire liability of AST INTERNATIONAL , and your exclusive remedy with a sales invoice, shall be: (a) Return of the price paid for the unopened phone cards (3% restocking fee) within 30 days (Used calling card PINs are not refundable) (b) Replacement of any phone cards (or PINs) that do not work due to improper printing of the pin numbers or known technical problems such as pin activation mistakes and switch platform problems. AST INTERNATIONAL carries only name brand phone cards.  AST INTERNATIONAL is a reseller for various prepaid phone cards and not a issuer.

The guarantee is not applicable if any phone cards have expired or have reduced time on it or damage has resulted from accident, abuse, misapplication, or modifications to the cards. AST INTERNATIONAL has no control over closing down of the long distance carrier or the phone card issuer. Also, AST INTERNATIONAL has no control over domestic or international rate changes, so no liability is assumed by AST INTERNATIONAL in such an event.


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